7 Signs You Should Be Taking Probiotics

In your gut, there are a number of bacteria, some good and others bad who lock horns to decide your stomach's health. If the bad bacteria and microorganisms win the battle against the good ones, then you can experience a host of problems. Your immune system will suffer and potentially leaving you with a loss of energy, poor skin, feeling rundown, and getting colds and the flu often. However, the best probiotics can prove a timely remedy.

You can help your gut stay in good shape by making sure that your lifestyle is healthy, and that you eat a clean diet full of nutrient-rich fruit, vegetables, protein and good fat. Sleeping well, keeping stress levels low, being as active as you can and building your five pillars of health will also help your stomach.

Even with all these steps, sometimes your gut just needs a much-needed boost from probiotic supplements to find a healthy balance. The best probiotics give you live bacteria and yeast, restoring good bacteria to your digestive system, aiding immune function and digestion, and supporting nutrient absorption. Make sure your gut is thriving with our fresh, fruity-tasting The Good Sort® Biotic Boost that supports your healthy digestive and immune system.

If you're not sure about the symptoms of probiotics deficiency, then our handy guide will explain the seven most common signs that you need probiotics in your diet.

1) You’ve taken an antibiotic

Antibiotic literally means against life. It is designed to kill all bacteria in the gut, good or bad. Even if you took the antibiotic days or even years ago, if you haven't got back to having the right balance of bacteria in your gut, you may suffer. Think about taking a course of probiotics supplements after antibiotic use to make sure you put the healthy flora back into your gut.

2) You've had food poisoning

If you've been sick from something you've eaten or the food doesn't sit well in your stomach, then there is a good chance that bad bacteria has entered your body. This can often happen when travelling overseas, but the symptoms that you need probiotics may show up once you're at home.

3) You have an upset stomach

Digestive disturbances like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, cramping can often be caused by an unbalance in your gut. These unpleasant side effects are your body telling you to give your stomach some TLC.

4) You have mood issues

With 95% of the so-called 'happy hormone', serotonin, produced in your gut, if it's not firing, you can often feel down as a consequence. The best probiotics help to restore the balance in your gut and in your brain.

5) You have a yeast overgrowth:

Recurring yeast infections or candida are a good indicator that there is an imbalance of bad bacterias or growth in your gut. A healthy stomach should be combatting the overgrowth of yeasts, so try probiotics to settle your gut.

6) You get sick often and feel rundown

An amazing 70-80% of your immune system is in our gut, so if you go from cold to cold, never feeling like you can shake it off, then it may be your stomach telling you to focus on your wellbeing.

7) You're suffering from skin conditions

Broken or itchy skin or longer-term skin issues such as acne, eczema, rashes or hives are often symptoms of probiotics deficiency. A healthy gut should be eliminating toxins, but if this isn't happening then this often shows up in your skin.

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