Real Nutrition for Busy Women

Our delicious shakes are filled with goodness. 14 organic vitamins and minerals for a 100% natural energy boost. The Good Sort® makes weight wellness and healthy eating easy.

No Spoilage. No Waste. No Worries.

We individually wrap every serve of The Good Sort® for your convenience, but also to preserve the freshness, flavour, and inherent goodness of our ingredients.

No Added Sugar: You’re Sweet Enough

We don’t add any extra sugar or artificial sweeteners to Go-To Meals™. Only our Dairy Protein range contains lactose, which is naturally occurring in milk. So enjoy that great all-natural taste.


Our dual sachets in the dairy range allow you to get creative and make your shakes exactly the way you want them.
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Dairy Protein

Available in five fab flavours, our dairy-based range is designed to work at any time of day when you most need a boost. Thanks to its unique perforated dual sachet, you can choose between having a meal or snack while still enjoying the same benefits activated from our 100% natural ingredients. Our pro tip: mix and match the flavours for a tasty tailor-made blend.

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Plant Protein

Behold the power of plant. Our plant-based range contains a complete protein blend, sustaining your energy and helping you feel full and satisfied for longer.  We recommend this range for supercharging your morning routine – simply blend with your favourite milk (such as coconut, almond or oat) and you're all set. 

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Booster Supplements

Super-power your day with our line of boosters. Our range of Balance, Biotic, and Beauty have you covered from day to night to give you that kick when you need it most! Just add, stir and keep the goodness going at any time.

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Starter Packs