Delicious Nutrition for Women on the Go

Introducing The Good Sort®: a range of all-natural, body-friendly shakes for busy women always on the move. Dairy or Plant - It's your choice, as it should be! BUY NOW

Nothing But The Good Stuff

That’s right – no more hangry. Our great-tasting Go-To Meals™ are full of goodness and energy, satisfying you on those days when you can’t stop. BUY NOW

Shake up your wake up

This is how we do breakfast. Our great-tasting Go-To Meals™ are to the brim with goodness and energy for keeping you full ‘til lunch. BUY NOW

Your 3:30pm Pickup

Find your afternoon groove, physically and mentally. The Good Sort® is here to make the good life yours. BUY NOW

The Good Sort® for a Happy Body

Our Go-To Meals™ focus on balance and well-being. The Good Sort® is packed with all-natural, premium-quality ingredients that fuel and nourish you from the inside out. And just as important is what we haven’t included: we don’t use artificial colours, flavours, synthetics or fillers to bulk up our products.

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Dairy Protein

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Plant Protein

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Make Your New Indulgence The Good Sort®

With hand-picked, scientifically-proven ingredients that target specific health benefits, The Good Sort® is the 100% natural Go-To Meal™ you’ve been waiting for.

Break Your Cycle.

Having awareness of your energy levels throughout the day will help avoid bad habits. We all know how good nutrition factors into well-being, but sometimes time pressures require a new approach to dieting.

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Shift your mindset.

Adopt practices that allow you to slow down, breathe, and simply be. Take note of how taking care of yourself positively effects your mental agility and ability to cope differently, take on challenges, and achieve more.

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Old habits die hard.

When you feel empowered, you can make a real difference in peoples’ lives. The Good Sort® is here to help you do just that – supplying you with the energy and confidence to be your best, today and tomorrow.

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We get it

Self-care is a daily challenge that often gets bumped. We’ve all been there. Deflated, reaching too often for that quick fix. Until now.

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An Energy Boost for Your Brain

Welcome to The Good Sort® Wellness Hub. Here you’ll find pro-tips on healthy eating, steps on maintaining your health and well-being, and other great reads.

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What you put in your body matters. Check out the full list of goodness inside every Go-To Meal™ – carefully crafted with an in-depth understanding of your health needs.

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Every journey begins with a single step. Start yours with a single sip.

The Good Sort :)

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